Parent Volunteers

P A R E N T     V O L U N T E E R     I N F O R M A T I O N


We will need each Family to volunteer for 1-2 Concessions Shifts in order to cover the regular season and conference games. If one parent is doing another volunteer task for the teams, that does not opt the family out of signing up for a concession shift, the other parent would be requested to take a concession shift so we cover all shifts (there are more shifts than volunteers when all don't help!) This is a players parent obligation to the team as well as the Booster Club in order to have the stand open and give earned funds back to the team at the end of the season! 
Sign up soon to get first dibs on what day/time shifts you'd prefer not during your sons game, after majority have signed up, we will then be assigning families to cover shifts for Varsity and JV Home games and cannot guarantee that it won't be during your sons game time based on what is open. Once signed up, it will be your responsibility to cover any concession shifts that have been assigned to you, you may find someone over 18 to cover for you. 


Important Concessions Note:

Josh Munger (Booster Club Concession lead) or a designated Booster Club Member, will open and train the first shift, please be on time!  The first shift is responsible for restocking drinks and food and also training the next shift. The second shift will be conscious of not making too much perishable food (hot dogs/popcorn/etc..) for the last of the game, clean up can start mid way through the 2nd half, they will then close at 5 minutes left in the game.  Josh Munger or a designated BC member will come count funds and lock up, if not arrived yet when ready to be locked up, call Josh at 503-550-1114.
Please note - New for 2017: only signed up volunteers and booster club members are allowed in the concession stand, booster club members will have an ID badge to show (parents can ask to see also!) and 2 have to be present to count funds. Any suspicious activity should be questioned and reported immediately to the Booster Club contacts that will be posted in the stand and also available on our webpage:


We will need up to 4 volunteers per game to help with scoring and stats at the Scorer's Table on the field for all Varsity, JV and JV-2 games. 

To sign up for open time slots, please contact: Coach Sanford

We need all the trained helpers we can get scoring and stats at the Scorer's Table on the field for all VarsityJV and JV-2 games.

Resource Documents - On-Field:

Stats Sheet:
If you need a copy of the Stats Sheet to take with you, select the image below for the printable PDF: