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Are in and will be distributed Tuesday before conditioning. I have two helmets that are not spoken for, if you want to buy one be at our storage closet with a check to Sherwood Lacrosse for $200 on Tuesday 2/14 at 5pm.


Some of you have seen the gloves. While they look awesome, they are the wrong color (red rather than cardinal). We are going to substitute top of the line stock gloves (either black or white) in place of these gloves. Players will be getting a $160-$170 glove at $125 thanks to our friends at BSN. This will most likely be a new STX or Nike product but we are confirming that stock is available.

If anyone wants the other gloves you can purchase them at $75 a pair. We will not be wearing them on the field because they clash with the uniforms but they do look cool.

If you did not order the gloves initially but want a pair, please email me asap and I'll order a pair for you.


Should be on its way around the time practice starts. If there is interest in doing another run on the flash store let me know and I'll open it back up for you guys.

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Last day to register is Feb 24th
All Freshmen, Juniors or New Players are required to have a physical 
on file by Feb 24th before they can participate in tryouts Feb 27th.


4pm to 5pm
Wilson Orthodontics is offering 
FREE custom professional grade lacrosse mouth guards for 
Sherwood High School LAX Players
at the Sherwood Office 17680 SW Handley St. Suite 202

Notes from the Newsletter

Pre-Season Yoga For Athletes:
5PM On Wednesdays In January and February in the School Dance Studio beginning January 11. 

Pre-Season Weightlifting & Agility Training:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15-6:30pm in the School Weight Room with Coach Falor and special guests beginning January 10.

Pre-Season Captain's Practices / Open Field Times
Tuesday - Thursday from 3:30pm-5pm on the Stadium Field beginning January 10.

Dates To Add To Your Calendars
2/27 First Day Of Practices
3/31 - 4/1 Spring Break Practices
4/28 - 4/29 Trip to play Bend and Summit



             High School Rule Changes for 2017 Season

                   October 5th, 2016

There are six NFHS rule changes for the 2017 season:
  1. Only a goalkeeper can be in the crease to block a shot.
  2. Playing without required mouthpiece will now be a technical foul (30-second penalty or change of possession) rather than a non-releasable foul.
  3. Stalling rules now are in effect in the last two minutes only if the score differential is four goals or less.
  4. Since ground anchors are not typically used on grass fields, Rule 1-3-2a was modified to allow, but not require, the use of ground anchors if a flat-iron goal is used on a grass field.
  5. Rule 4-3-3 (introduced last year) previously called for tape to be applied to the handle of the crosse for any player taking a faceoff.  With new handle materials now available that are more durable than tape, the committee revised the rule to allow for use of new materials.
  6. A change in restarts after a foul during a face-off.  Previously, if a player or team committed a foul before or during any faceoff, the ball was awarded to the offended team in its offensive side of the field at the center.  The rules committee removed "or during" from Rule 4-3-1 (Exception 2) in order to be consistent with Rule 4-4-2, which calls for a restart from "the spot where the ball was when play was suspended."
More details and commentary on the new rules can be found on the the NFHS announcement new rules and NFHS page on risk minimalization.  There are also articles discussing the rules on LaxPower and Lax Records.com . 


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